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Is the Future of Brand Building Mobile?

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Over Thanksgiving my cousin and daughter talked up an iPhone and Android game called Angry Birds.  It’s a very simple game where you launch birds from slingshot to take out egg-stealing pigs hiding behind various structures. Simple in concept…and absolutely addictive.  Believe me.

On iPhone it sold something like 12 million copies for $.99 largely through viral word of mouth and has been the best selling app for many weeks. More interesting, from a brand-building perspective, the game is free on Android and supported by advertising.  The game’s maker Rovio is reportedly making approximately $1 million per month just from advertising and it has already hit over 8 million downloads.

The ads, for things like search engines or cosmetics, are pesky but since the game is so fun and addictive you just skip over them and keep playing. To be sure, you do notice them.  And, hey, if they keep the game free why not? Do they work? Probably too early to tell, but I were a media buyer and wanted to get eyeballs on my message, I would definitely not want to pass this one up.

As smartphones become more and more pervasive, 20 million downloads will seem like nothing. Future games will be in the 100s of millions of downloads globally – turning them into powerful vehicles for building brands. Rovio has cracked the code for how to do it with games.  In this video, put together by Google’s AdMob team, Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka offers some interesting insights on how it’s done. Is this the future?

The Ed Cal Blues

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Doesn’t it seem like social media sure taken over the PR world? Clients are looking to PR pros for new strategies for how to get their messages out – viral marketing, blogging and linking, and social media strategies.

While these new, cutting-edge PR practices are all the rage, it’s important to remember where we all came from. Some of us remember the days of faxing to share information and even a world that didn’t have online publications, just the weekly hard copies. But there’s one area we just can’t seem to avoid, even though it’s become a little bit easier – the dreaded editorial calendar. Since we’re closing 2010 that must mean that it’s time for the annual “running of the ed cals.” In their honor I give you the ed cal blues.

My dear friend the ed cal,
it’s a part of my life.
Perhaps I could outsource it,
so that I can get a life.

The mindless hours of research,
made easier via the Web.
Remember the good old days,
when you had to call the pub ahead?

As my eyes gloss over,
I shudder to think.
Why is my head hurting?
Oh yes, I forgot to blink.

For as we all know,
it’s a part of the game.
But if you ask me directly,
I’ll tell you it’s quite lame.

But onward we go,
with just a hint of glee.
For as we all know,
it makes the client quite happy.

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