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Social Media…The Customer’s Great Equalizer

Monday, April 29th, 2013

As I look through various publications and websites I continually see articles about the importance of companies being customer-centric, or that the customer is the center of the universe, or that your company needs to funnel activities towards customer needs. While I find these articles interesting, I’m still amazed to find that many companies simply don’t get it.  

Look at companies like Nordstrom or Amazon that focus a tremendous amount of effort on providing excellent customer service. They treat me well and I become a regular customer. As everyone knows repeat customers cost much less than having to go out and 2find new customers. There are many thoughts behind ways to build customer loyalty or to strengthen customer loyalty, but most of these should really be obvious—use common sense and your customer will usually be happy.

Here’s an example of two companies that just don’t get it.

Last week I had an issue between my bank and my mortgage company regarding an error with my mortgage payment. The long-and-short of it is that I was charged a $35 fee (twice!) for something that wasn’t my fault, yet neither institution would refund me the 3charge. In the grand scheme of things, $70 is nothing for these large financial institutions, but to me it’s a lot of money. More to the point is the principle of the issue—both companies pointed the finger at the other, neither company was willing to step up and admit error, and both companies now have an unhappy customer. It just goes to show you that many companies still don’t understand how to be customer-centric.

From a marketing or PR perspective, I guess these companies don’t care about annoying a single customer. But with the growth of social media, I can get my message out to the masses much easier than ever before. If either of these companies was smart, they’d realize that refunding me the money would go a long way to securing a happy customer.

It reinforces my thinking that customer service, marketing and PR folks need to keep a finger on the pulse of the social media comments about their company, 24×7, so they can gauge sentiment and react quickly as needed. Better yet, be preventative up front by offering amazing customer service at all times.

Do you have examples like this where you’ve taken to social media channels to let the masses know how you were treated?


BETTERY’s Earth Day Event for Kids at Whole Foods Market Stores Was a Hit!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

One of the most important things a new company’s leadership team should consider as they are building their company’s brand is to really “live their brand” every day. And, some days are extra special. For our client BETTERY, Earth Day and Earth Month in April are special times because they align with the company’s sustainability mission to do something positive for the environment.

As part of our PR program, we worked with the BETTERY team to organize their first BETTERY Battery Recycling Earth Day Events for Kids at Whole Foods Market stores. At these events, BETTERY focused on educating local school children about the importance of recycling and battery recycling/reuse in particular.

The kids had fun. We had fun. Most importantly, lots of batteries were recycled which means fewer will end up in landfills this year. More than 2.5 billion single-use batteries end up in landfills in the U.S. each year. Isn’t that a terrible state of affairs? Fortunately, BETTERY offers a better solution for your household batteries.

Here’s some photos from the event today:

In this photo Mill Plain Elementary first graders listen and learn about the importance of battery recycling as BETTERY Founder and CEO Charlie Kawasaki explains how his new invention, the BETTERY Swap Station, works.








Charlie also demonstrated the newly installed BETTERY Swap Station for buying and exchanging reusable batteries to Mill Plain Elementary first-grader Michael Hall (7) at the Whole Foods Market store at Mill Plain in Vancouver.









Members of the local media also were on hand to cover these events.

Happy Earth Day!


Go Green Special on KATU-TV Features BETTERY!

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Our client BETTERY was featured in KATU-TV’s “Go Green” television special which we arranged to be recorded at a Whole Foods Market location and at Total Reclaim’s facilities near Portland, Oregon. Overall, it turned out great and explains the importance of battery recycling and how BETTERY is poised to reinvent the portable power industry — all while helping consumers do something positive for the environment, creating jobs and having fun!


BETTERY Video Shows Just How Easy It Is To Help the Environment By Reusing or Recycling Your Batteries

Friday, April 12th, 2013

We had fun shooting, editing and producing this video for our client BETTERY. Check it out and learn how to use their BETTERY Swap Station kiosk. We can all do our part to help the environment and this idea makes it SO easy!

BETTERY Founder Charlie Kawasaki Demonstrates Nation’s First Kiosk for Exchange of Reusable Batteries from McKenzie Worldwide on Vimeo.

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