Brian Edwards

Brian EdwardsIf there’s one thing I hear a lot, it’s man, you really are a nerd. It comes with the territory I suppose of being interested — deeply interested — in all things technology related. For the business of high-tech PR, however, such an orientation has served me well because I’m able to really understand the tech side of things and translate the tech speak into plain English.  Over my career spanning startups to titans like SAP and Microsoft, I’ve been part of boom-times and lean times. I was there at the start of the Internet, survived the dot-com boom and bust, and am living the emergence of social media.

You can reach me at briane at mckenzieworldwide dot com, and follow my daily updates on Twitter @BrianBuzz.

Rob Goodman

Rob Goodman“You must have a blog…You need to get on Facebook…Have you Tweeted lately?” Five years ago would you have heard any of these comments? I doubt it. To me that’s an example of why I have enjoyed working in the high tech world for the past 19 years with the likes of Oracle, SAP and now Open Text. There’s always something new to learn and always fresh ideas that become part of the daily world we live in. Social media is having a tremendous impact on our world, both professionally and personally. Having another medium to use to share information is only part of the story. To me the bigger issue is how we can help our clients to use social media tools to change the way they communicate with employees, customers, partners, shareholders and members of the media. Why just recently I was talking with my kids about life before mobile phones and cable TV. Perhaps I can have a similar discussion with my grandchildren someday about what life was like before social media tools came around.

You can reach me at robg at mckenzieworldwide dot com and follow my updates on Twitter at @rgoodman1.

Megan McKenzie

Megan McKenzieAs long as I can remember I’ve been told that I’m a good listener. I try to listen to the heart of the message and then help put it into words and communicate it in a colorful and compelling way.  There is a little magic in helping tell a story in a way that creates an emotion and action with the listener. It’s part of what makes our work so rewarding.

Years ago I used to do radio interviews where I was always reminding the person being interviewed to just relax and “talk as if you are telling a story to your best friend.”   Then when I was working with my clients at Microsoft and SAP our litmus test was:  “If your mother can’t understand the alphabet soup and techno talk then it’s time go back to the white board.” It’s always important to focus on the business benefits and bring the story to life.

In the new age of social media  the way you communicate your story is constantly evolving. It’s an exciting, dynamic time. Now blog posts, Twitter feeds, FaceBook, YouTube and other social media allow us to communicate and receive information in a personal, direct and immediate way with no filters.  Podcasts and videos give us a “right there” experience of listening to someone talk about a product, company or event in their own words. Social media is an extremely powerful and persuasive tool for business as well as an effective personal communication tool.

But there’s also a lot of noise.  How do you make your story stand out? How do you build  trust in your brand when so many voices are competing for attention? How can you use social media to make an impact and build trust?  That’s what our agency’s blog is all about. I hope you enjoy the ongoing conversation and join in the dialogue. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

You can reach me at meganm at mckenzieworldwide dot com.

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