Greg Pearlman

Experience with: Apple, Intel, Tektronix, Hewlett-Packard, Disney.

Specialties: Creative team leadership for interactive and broadcast brand campaigns.

Gregory Pearlman

Art Director
Years of experience: 14

Greg Pearlman has extensive experience creating customer relationship strategies for online campaigns. He has been involved with digital media almost since its inception. An honor graduate of the prestigious Pratt Institute of Design and academic circle award winner. He has built on his solid design chops amassing experience with such clients as The New Yorker Magazine, Tektronix, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Disney, and Apple.

He has won multiple awards for his interactive, branding and motion design campaigns. He can see possibilities in projects and manage them through with equal balance of passion, attentiveness and creative approach.

Working for Apple, Greg produced the art libraries, typography behaviors, and particle emitters currently shipping with Apple's award winning software: Final Cut, Live Type and Motion. As a result many of the daily graphics seen globally on broadcast television have elements designed by him. They have been showcased and marketed by Apple since 2003. Working with Portland Ad firm Nine Dots he led a team of creatives in the making of a successful internet advertising campaign for Wells Fargo. He also consulted on the design of StarWars.com. Greg has taught design courses and held workshops at Pacific Northwest College of Art and at the Art Institute of Portland.



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