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For marketers everywhere, the Web has delivered us a wonderful gift. That gift is the incredible array of social media tools we now have at our disposal. These tools let us quickly and easily push information directly out to audiences who (we hope) will engage with our brand, driving sales through the roof.


But something has happened along the way. It is easy and there are so many social media opportunities that audiences are overwhelmed. It’s not like email and print publications went away. Instead everything just got a lot louder and more confusing as millions of new voices contribute to the din.

At McKenzie Worldwide, we are big fans of social media. In many ways, social media tools like blogs, podcasts and social networks are natural extensions of traditional media. These technologies take advantage of the Web to create a dialog, a conversation. Simply putting print content on the Web missed the point of what the Web has to offer. Social media brings the Web to life. So where does this put public relations?

As it turns out, public relations holds the key to unlocking your social media programs. One thing we as PR professionals have learned very well is how to find the news angle, the engaging story that will play with jaded editors. With so much noise and so little time, audiences are attracted to resources that provide relevant, interesting, useful or even entertaining content.

It all starts with compelling content. Content drives the conversation.

You can spend months noodling over color pallets or blogging platforms, but ultimately none of that matters if you don’t have great content. Content that is on message, that is interesting and that gets people talking and coming back. We have a proven team of public relations professionals, writers, producers and other talent that can help you create the content to power your social media programs from blogging to Facebook to Twitter to YouTube.

One of the other things we love about social media is that it is measurable. Since we control the message and the timing, we can also track the effectiveness the program has been at helping you find prospects and turn those prospects into sales. For us, social media isn’t some experiment at our client’s expense – it’s about helping you grow and expand your business in a measurable and quantifiable way.

Let’s talk about how we can put social media to work for you.

The Triple Play: Make the Most of Your Content

tripple play

When it comes to developing content, it pays to think ahead. One of the ways we help our clients stretch budgets is with what we call the triple play.

We are experts at doing this for customer stories. From a single interview we can create a podcast, case study, press release and other custom content. This content can then be put to work to drive traffic to your site, close deals and create visibility.

A great example is the work our team recently completed for Open Text, describing how enterprise content management solutions are powering CARE’s I Am Powerful Campaign.

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